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Image by Elena Mozhvilo


The mind consists of the conscious and the subconscious. Now I ask you to think of them as a set of scales.

During our waking hours, the conscious mind keeps us informed and aware of what is happening around us and is in the up position, while the subconscious mind is working in the background, so to speak, making sure that all our bodily functions such as breathing etc are carried out correctly, and is in the down position.

But, whenever we concentrate on something to the exclusion of all else, our conscious mind takes 'time off' and the subconscious mind takes over as the dominant force. The conscious mind goes into the down position and the subconscious mind goes into the up position, and this is the altered state of awareness which we call hypnosis. 

When in hypnosis, you experience a state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation. This in itself is a very healing state to be in. Leading American hypnotherapist, Dr Milton Erickson, described the process of clinical hypnosis as "a free period in which individuality can flourish."


This state is actually a perfectly natural occurrence, experienced hundreds of times every day by everyone, without us even being aware of it (Alpha State).


For example, you go through it every night just before you fall asleep, and again every morning just before you wake up. It's also a common phenomenon that a motorist when driving a familiar route will arrive at his or her destination, yet have no conscious recall about parts of the journey.


This is because the familiarity of the journey caused his or her conscious mind to 'switch off' and he or she has been coasting along on the subconscious auto-pilot.


“What the mind agrees with…The body will respond to”

Soothing Bell

Reprogram the subsconscious mind

Alpha is an important state of mind for a number of reasons. Alpha operates as a bridge between the conscious mind (beta state) and the subconscious mind (theta state). The alpha state allows us conscious access to the unconscious material located in our subconscious mind. When in a hypnotic state, this "alpha bridge" affords us the opportunity to reprogram our subconscious mind. We can access information in the unconscious part of our mind to help us better understand our actions and motivations, and we can change our habits and negative belief systems.  Helping us move forward from our "stuck states"

Hypnotherapy can assist with: -


  • Anxiety & Nervousness

  • Quit Smoking

  • Stress Management

  • Body Reshaping /Weight issues

  • Poor sleep habits/Insomnia

  • Exam Performance

  • IBS and digestive issues

  • Enhancing creativity

  • Overcoming ‘blocks’

  • Changing unwanted Habits- nail biting, procrastination, etc.

  • Releasing past trauma

  • Overcome Phobias

  • Pain Management


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